Advantages of being a freelancer

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Times are changing, in all aspects, and with them the world of work. The blame for this is owed not only to the international economic crisis in the West, but especially to new technologies. Thanks to the Internet and current electronic devices, being a freelancer is no longer a utopia for anyone. Therefore, in this article we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of working on your own, without depending on anyone but you and your customers. Advantages Each person can see the bottle half full or half empty, it is a subjective and personal decision. But the truth is that more and more people take the step of becoming a freelancer animated by the weight of the pros against the cons. These are some [Contingent Employment][1] advantages: You are your own boss: in working environments like the current ones, where every time you work with more pressure and for lower salaries, many people decide to work at their own pace and without the sword of Damocles that your boss keeps permanently. Being a freelancer gives you greater time flexibility: the current trend in the world of work is the liberalization of hours, that is, shops and work centers that also open on weekends, wider opening and closing times, etc. This means that there is less time stability for the worker, making it more difficult to reconcile work and family life. However, freelancer can better solve this problem: you decide when and how much you want to work on a specific day or week, adapting to personal and family needs. Greater flexibility of space: some freelancer workers can work from home completely or part time. In some cases, you can take work to travel or to other places other than the office. That can bring economic benefits for transportation and fuel savings. It is an activity that receives the applause of society: although for a long time being a freelancer was synonymous with precariousness, this idea is currently changing. Those who dedicate themselves to self-employment are seen as people who fight for their dream and achieve it, examples of overcoming and perseverance. [1]:

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