How to configure the TeleTu router

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In the past you have signed a TeleTu subscription to your ADSL and have not encountered any problems so far. However, if you are here and you are reading this it is most likely due to the recent router guide that had been provided directly by the service provider has broken, following the instructions in my guide on what to buy the modem router you have purchased another and now you want to know how to configure the TeleTu routers in order to serve potertene perfectly with your line as it has always done. If that is in fact this way and if you believe then that I needed a little help know that you can count on me. In fact, I can explain, step by step, what you should do to configure the TeleTu router. [Enterprise routers][1] are basic product for any business/enterprise. How do you say? You are not a great expert in new technologies and subjects that the procedure is carried out is too complicated for you? But no, you have nothing to worry about, really! Contrary to appearances and beyond what is thought to configure the TeleTu router is in fact very simple, both for experts and for those who, a bit like you, is not, you have my word. That being said, if you are so really interested in knowing what you have to do to be able to set up the TeleTu routers I suggest you take ten minutes of free time or a little more and focus on reading the instructions that I am about to give him. I am sure that over time you will be able to tell her happy and that you are ready to say that the TeleTu configure router was indeed a real breeze. If you want to understand how to configure TeleTu routers you have to make some preparations. To begin Sequence to connect it to the electrical outlet, the telephone line and to the computer via an Ethernet cable. Later, if the router has a power button pigialo in order to start operating the device. Now turn on the computer, start your favorite web browser and connect to the IP address of the router by typing this in the address bar, and then pressing the Enter button on the keyboard. To find out the exact IP of the router in your possession you can try to take a look at the back of the device or next, which should find a label with the address written on it. Another option is to take a look at the router's user manual included in the router's sales package. However, keep in mind that normally the IP address of the router is or If the IP address of the router should not be presented on a possible paste the label on the device itself or the user manual will not be afraid, it can be found directly from the computer by following the steps below. If you are using Windows, you can know the IP address of the router to configure TeleTu by typing cmd in the available search field after clicking the Start button in the taskbar or in the field accessible from the top right of the screen. start. Then press Enter to start the program that has been selected automatically. In the window that at this point will be to open, type ipconfig and press the Enter key on the PC keyboard to obtain the complete list of addresses about your connection. You find the IP address of the router next to the default gateway entry. If you are using OS X, you can know the IP address to configure the TeleTu router by clicking on the System Preferences (you can find the icon in the Dock, in the Applications folder, or you can access it through the Launching Platform) and Then click on the network element. In the window that will be displayed at this point, select the name of the connection in use and click on the Advanced button ... located in the lower right. By clicking on the TCP / IP tab, you will find the address where you have to enter indicated next to the router with the label. In order to access the router administration panel through which to configure the device you will also be asked to enter a username and password. In most cases the combination of using is admin / admin or administrator / password but there are circumstances in which you have to use other configurations. If it comes to what can give a more in-depth look in the router's user manual to find the right combination to use. If you had still have difficulties in identifying the router's username and password you can check my tutorial on how to view the modem password. Once connected to the control panel of the machine, you must start the initial configuration procedure automatically. However, keep in mind the fact that for some router that does not happen models. If the automatic configuration does not start on its own, try to find the button to start it, for example, configure or configuration wizard, and click on it. In general, the procedure to configure the router is able to automatically identify the necessary parameters to be able to surf the Internet with TeleTu. If not proceed as ensure that PPPoE / LLC voice is selected as the connection type and 08:35 as VPI and VCI values. Also, remember to fill in the fields User name and a password with the data that the manager has taken measures to send via SMS or letter. We also know that in order to correctly configure the TeleTu router, the TCP / IP protocol must be set in the LAN configuration, so that the IP address and DNS address are assigned automatically. For more details you can refer to upload this page on the TeleTu website and accessible by clicking here. In the event that the one in your possession was a router with WiFi connectivity you can also attend to set a password for accessing the wireless network. In order to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing your Wi-Fi network to enjoy Internet connection without your knowledge you must use a very long type of AES WPA2 key and that has no meaning. If you want to know more about I suggest you refer to my guide on how to enter the password for the wireless network. At this point I would like to say that you can consider yourself happy: that you have completed the procedure by which TeleTu set up routers, congratulations! Now that you can finally try to surf the net using TeleTu's Internet connection. To verify that everything was flipped, make sure that the router configuration panel indicates that an Internet connection has been established and that the device and the lamps light green or yellow (the color may vary depending on the make and model). of the router used). Before leaving "roaming" for the Web, keep in mind that, as I said at the beginning of the guide, you can usually access the router configuration panel using the admin / admin combination. Since the generic data was malicious, therefore, the router's management panel could be accessed with relative ease and, therefore, it could enter the Infostrada router instead. Therefore, I suggest that you modify this data, and of the custom methods. To do this, he went to the maintenance section of the router or Administration, identifies the module to change the user name and password to access the device panel and verify that it is filled with data that is not easily detected. Also, if you ever have to use programs like eMule, uTorrent or other P2P software I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to open ports on the router. This is an operation that is of fundamental importance to be able to exploit this type of programs, and that if neglected can create some difficulties in the use of it. Netgear router screen After making all the necessary changes, do not forget to click on the Save or Save changes button to save the new configuration in the control panel of the router. After confirming the application of the changes made in some cases, the router will restart automatically. In the unfortunate case that you have followed my instructions, I had not been able to configure the routers and TeleTu when consulting the device manual that were not yet clear how to do this I suggest you contact the customer service of the service You can get more clarifications about it and see if the difficulty you found is attributable to the lack of convenience or a failure of the device. You can request the assistance of the manager through the official TeleTu website. To do this, simply click here and access your personal area online by filling in the necessary [1]:

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