Freelance or employment contract?

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Currently, people have different options to decide their professional future and the route they want to follow to achieve the proposed goals, develop as a freelancer (independent worker) or have a work contract, are some of the work modalities. In order to have more accurate data on preferences in these work scenarios, and Universe carried out the fourth employment survey of 2017, under the theme of labor preferences. This research linked more than six thousand people [1] from nine countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Portugal. It was found that 57% would prefer to be hired by a company, while 26% would bet on their own company. On the other hand, 17% would choose to work independently for third parties. Regarding the sectors in which they prefer to work, the respondents answered the following: 63% would choose to work in the private sector, 32% in the public sector and only 5% in some NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). Likewise, 46% of all respondents stated that: having medical insurance, having premiums, liquidations, are the main benefits of being hired in a company. 36% considered job stability important, while 16% highlighted the career plan (academic training, labor mobility, among others) and only 2% holidays. Ricardo Garcés, spoke on the subject "Currently people seek job security in companies: an indefinite term [Contingent Employment][1] contract, receiving benefits of law and other benefits. While the economic issue is the main factor to consider, many prefer a career plan within the organisation and the opportunities that the company can provide in education and vocational training. With regard to the benefits of being an independent worker, 32% indicated the most important aspect of the schedule flexibility, 30% the ability to carry several projects at the same time and learn from each one, 24% considered that there was a better balance between work and family, and only 14% indicated the benefit of being their own boss. On the other hand, for 79% of respondents a worker can acquire more work experience when hired by a company, the remaining 21% considered that it can be obtained as an independent worker. Regarding the most sought after by the people consulted, 52% said that gaining experience was the most important aspect, while 29% said it was important to work in a company that offers a career plan, followed by a 10% that chose for a remuneration that allows him to finance a postgraduate course. The final 9% prefer stability and labor benefits. According to Ruth Polchlopek, general manager of Universia Colombia, "gaining experience has become an important factor in determining the professional profile of the worker and the career path for which you want to focus your profession. In addition, experience acquires more and more value, since in the current labor market dynamics it functions as a selection criterion. This survey showed us that recent graduates are aware of the challenges, objectives and in some cases, requirements that must be met to face the world of work. " [1]:

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