The definitive guide on everything you can do in configuring your router

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The router of house ... That great unknown. That white or black device (usually) that provides us with access to the network of networks, Internet. From Annex M we want to bring you today a guide that explains all the configuration possibilities of your router . [Enterprise routers][1] are basic product for any business/enterprise.The truth is that the options that our router usually offers us are many and varied and as a rule are unknown to the vast majority. First, and most important of all, is knowing how to access it, right? Here we usually have two possibilities, that our router bring a specific software that we can install on our computer and that we have access to our router. The second possibility (the most common) is that we have to access through our web browser . For this we simply have to write in the browser's address bar the internal IP that our router has. The most common is that our router has the address or depending on the range of IP's that has been configured . A quick way to know is to open an MS-DOS window (Start> Run> cmd.exe) and execute the IPCONFIG command inside the window, which will throw all the information corresponding to the network configuration of our computer. Among all the information that this command shows you, there is one that is "ip gateway" that will give us the exact IP address of our router. Once we write the IP address in our browser, our router will ask us to identify ourselves. Here we must enter a username and password that gives us administrator permissions . How do we find out the password of our router? As a general rule, Internet providers such as Jazztel, Telefónica, Euskaltel or many others add a sticker on the bottom of the router that tells us all this access information. If for whatever reason it were not or we had a difficult access to the router, we can always perform an Internet search of our router model specifying that we want to know your access password. There are hundreds of forums dealing with these issues and some will throw you the correct answer. To save you a little time, the most common username-password combinations are usually admin-admin, adminttd-adminttd, even admin-1234 or 1234-1234 . You can try your luck first with these and if we do not succeed, then carry out the search. [1]:

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